A Personalized Teaching Approach Fit to Each Student’s Individual Needs

Our One-on-One Programs

The One-on-One model allows instructors to be fully committed to listening to the student individually and actively responding. Through the One-on-One program, students learn to trust their instructors. They are being given a completely safe space to share openly. With caring, considerate online instructors, there is no wrong answer or silly question, and students do not have to fear being themselves. In a One-on-One relationship, teachers can fully know their students and keep track of their progress, success, and struggles. Based on the observations, instructors can then adjust or completely alter lesson plans, deadlines, or course projects to serve the student fully.

How We Work

All programs are registered for on a semester basis. Each semester consists of 5 months or 20 weeks with monthly tuition.  We offer program options starting from 1 hour a week to 4 hours a week based on your availability. 

Why Choose Our One on One Approach?

We are committed to inspiring each of our students to achieve their educational or career goals and to be prepared for a great future. One-on-One experiences help students become the best versions of themselves and experience the joy of lifelong learning.

Here a few benefits of our One-on-One program:

Better Individual Progress

In One-on-One interactions, students cannot rely on their friends, copy someone else’s work or ideas. This dramatically raises students’ personal responsibility for their learning, pushing them to take the course work seriously and master the language materials thoroughly.

Enhanced Class Interactions

In our One-on-One model, the instructors are committed to listening and responding actively to the students. While instructors often facilitate or coordinate meetings or check-ins, discussions are almost always initiated by students who influence their questions and the input they receive from their instructors.

Low-Stress Environment

Students are given a genuinely safe space for open sharing through One-on-One Programs. In peer-pressed classroom environments, some students fear answering questions, making mistakes, or taking risks. There’s no wrong answer or dumb question with loving, compassionate online instructors, and students don’t have to fear being themselves

Better Performance Tracking

In a One-on-One interaction, instructors can get to know their students completely, keep track of their growth, and gauge their achievements and challenges. Instructors will then modify or completely change their lesson plans, deadlines, or course assignments in order to fully support the student.

Self-Paced Learning

If the student cannot catch up with a lesson, the instructor won’t proceed. So the student would never miss out on learning or face the fear of falling behind.

Those Who Know Nothing of Foreign Languages Know Nothing of Their Own

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