A Collaborative Learning Approach to Enhance Learning through Group Work

Our Group Class Programs

Collaborative Learning is especially useful in Foreign Language and ESL courses where interactions involving the use of the language through speaking are important. The key component of learning in groups, in general, is that the social interaction between students challenges them, promotes active learning, and opportunities to practice the language amongst each other.

How We Work

All programs are registered for on a semester basis. Each semester consists of a total of 5 months or 20 weeks with monthly tuition. We offer program options starting from 1 hour a week to 4 hours a week based on your availability. 

Why Choose Our Group Class Approach?

In group learning, individual members must take responsibility for their team learning and performance. Yet, their tasks, resources, and organization are left up to them. There is no director to enforce the rules of engagement, so the group itself must be self-directed.

There are many benefits of group learning for learners as individuals. Few of them are:

Develops Expertise in Self-Management & Leadership

When people are tasked with working together to accomplish a shared goal, they are given the ability to acquire high-level skills. While they have to plan, delegate, and teach, they learn how to handle both themselves and others while at the same time leading constructively.

Increases Expertise & Awareness

When students engage in group learning, they acquire a wide variety of language skills and expertise. Not only can they improve their current language abilities by interacting with others, but they will also learn new skills from other students.

Improves Ties between Learners

When individuals have little interaction across teams, it is challenging to encourage contact and coordination. Collaborative learning through groups encourages students to establish new relationships and discover ways to work together.

Improves the Acquisition & Retention of Information

Group learning can contribute to increased engagement and improved information retention. The collaborative learning process helps students reach higher levels of thinking, and knowledge is retained much longer than that acquired in a non-collaborative environment.

Promotes Responding To Feedback & Advice

The learner will also listen to others thinking about their ideas, giving their views for or against their peers’ claims. This complex approach means that learners gain a more complete understanding of the subject, as they have to think from all angles.

Those Who Know Nothing of Foreign Languages Know Nothing of Their Own

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