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Being multilingual is perhaps the most useful and valuable real-world skill that exists today. As the world continues to globalize, and job markets continue to become more competitive, it is pertinent—now more than ever— to introduce our children to different cultures and means of communication at ages where the information will truly “stick.” Studies show that children who are introduced to a secondary language before the age of 10 are more likely to absorb the language as their own, and to confidently practice that language in communication with others as time goes on. Through personalized educational tutoring programs, Austin School of Languages is your “go-to” for introducing your child to a more inclusive sense of communication. 

New Language, New Life

"Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world."


About Us

Austin School of Languages prides itself on being a spot where kids can come together to learn and have fun simultaneously. Children tend to gravitate toward extracurriculars that they know their peers enjoy too, and learning a new language (or anything, for that matter!) is much more fun when you’re doing it with others. Located in the Rosedale area of Austin, ASL opened its doors with the sole purpose of empowering our next generation to not only learn a new language as individuals, but to pour it back into society and contribute to the greater whole.

Our Vision

At Austin School of Languages, our vision is to encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and stand out from their peers. Learning to speak a new language, and to speak it confidently, is a skill that can change a child’s life. When they continue to practice that skill in later years, they become more competitive in school and in the workplace, and are able to engage with a far greater number of people. Our goal is to give our students the tools they need to reach as many people as they can, and that starts with communication.

"a different language is a different vision of life"

At Austin School of Languages, our goal is to provide the best language learning experience possible. We pride ourselves in the customized experiences we give our students, and watching them excel in acquiring their second language.

Our Programs

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seasonal Camps

Summer Camp is back! This year we are offering three 2 week immersion sessions starting June 5. See our services tab for more information.

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Students will receive one-on-one, personalized instruction based on their specific needs. In this class, we will work with students individually to improve their skills at their own pace.

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Group Classes

Students will be placed in an interactive group learning environment where they can engage with each other while developing a second language.


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After-School Tutoring

Students will strengthen subject comprehension while learning the skills they need to study on
their own so that they can achieve their full academic potential.

WHY Choose Austin School of Languages?

What sets us apart from the rest is our dedication to our students and their development. Watching our students excel is what makes our hearts happy, and this school was built purely from the heart.

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Distance Learning

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, distance and virtual learning have become our “new norm.” One benefit of this learning style is flexibility. Students and their parents can now choose when, where, and how they learn. Our school is home to a dynamic mix of local and international students, and this virtual learning style allows us to drive down our pricing while simultaneously expanding our diverse network of students. Our virtual listening and speaking exercises rely heavily on interaction with others, which we have found to be particularly beneficial in language development and social integration.

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Personalized Instruction

Our approach to education is different from the average classroom where all students are typically encouraged to learn the same lessons at the same pace. In this traditional setting, those who take longer to absorb the information are often left behind and suffer not only in terms of grades, but in their level of self-confidence as well. At Austin School of Languages, we do not teach the same lessons to all students. Our teachers are here to encourage each student to recognize and own their individual learning process, and to support them along that journey. At ASL, each student receives a learning plan tailored to their needs and desired pace, which is the primary reason students show such great success with our program.

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Grade Level Curriculum

We actively embody a culture of fairness and excellence by developing a curriculum that contributes to high-quality learning for every student. Consistent with educational research-based standards, our curriculum moves sequentially from one grade to the next, and is constructed in a way that ensures our students become informed and compassionate speakers. Critical thinking and cultural awareness are the foundation of our teaching practices, and students who have mastered their skills are then given the opportunity to enhance and sharpen them by moving to the next level.

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Can’t come to us? No worries— we’ll come to you! Austin School of Languages offers homeschooling options for students who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home, and in a more traditional way as opposed to distance/virtual learning. This option might be best for students who already have a packed schedule, or for students who simply prefer a one-on-one, in-person interaction with their teacher at home. 

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Learn At Your Own Pace

At Austin School of Languages, every student is encouraged to learn at their own pace. Self-paced learning enables students to access course materials at their own speed, ensuring that they can focus on topics they find difficult and breeze past things that they already know. This minimizes the waste of time and encourages greater productivity.


We want to give our prospective students the opportunity to try us out before committing to a long term program. If you’re on the fence or not sure where to start, contact us to schedule a drop-in class! We are more than happy to work with you to find the best fit for your needs.

We Are Open For Enrollment Year-Round!


At the end of their course or training, our students will take an exam consisting of both written and oral parts to earn a certificate that serves as proof of their acquired expertise in the language.

Those Who Know Nothing of Foreign Languages Know Nothing of Their Own

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